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Embark on a path of possibility with these scholarship offerings from The Violet Movement; a tapestry of opportunities woven from the enduring legacy of Violet Francoise Andrews.


As young adults, Danielle and I were propelled by the kindness of others, and now we're paying it forward. Each scholarship is a chapter of our journey—Danielle's compassionate spirit as a pediatric nurse, my dedication to local government, and our shared resilience through life's trials.


These scholarships are beacons of hope, fueled by Violet's memory, to ignite passion and purpose in your pursuit of greatness. Join us, and let Violet's light guide you towards a future where your dreams are within reach, and your potential knows no bounds.

All of these scholarships will be voted on as a group by our Board of Directors. These scholarships will be opened up at different times throughout the year, so subscribe to stay tuned so you don't miss out. 

Our Scholaship Options

We will be offering eight different scholarship options to  support students that have come from a similar life path or that have similar passions  as Danielle and Scott.

The Braveheart Scholarship - Got a heart that's fought battles and won? This one's for the heart warriors out there, inspired by Danielle's own heroics in pediatric cardiac care. This scholarship option is for students that have undergone a heart transplant, or have experienced a tragic heart condition. This is an area where passions and profession align for Danielle.

The Lead With Love Scholarship - If you're all about that community glow-up and see yourself as a local gov superhero, we've got your back with this scholarship that's all about leadership with heart. This scholarship option is for students that are eager to make a difference in their community and plan to pursue a path in local government leadership. This is an area close to Scott's heart as he has served over 20 years in local government. 

Helping Hand Scholarship - For the dreamers doing it solo or from single-parent dynasties, this scholarship is your high-five to reaching those high places you're aiming for. This scholarship option is for students that come from a low-income, single parent home. 

Vasa Previa Awareness Campaign Internship - Turn your passion into a powerful campaign and score an internship that could save lives. Make some noise on social and make a difference. Vasa Previa is a rare, but serious pregnancy complication. The unprotected fetal vessel was not detected with Violet and it ultimately was the cause of her death. This internship will be awarded to students that launch a successful vasa previa awareness campaign across multiple social platforms. 

Not All Heroes Wear Capes Scholarship - Nursing school squad, this one's for you. You're the real MVPs, and we see you. This scholarship will be awarded to a student that is attending or planning to attend nursing school. 

Second Chance Scholarship -  Unique family? Unique story? This scholarship celebrates every flavor of family out there because every story deserves its spotlight. The second chance scholarship will be awarded to a student that has grown up in a non-traditional family. One that may not necessarily include being raised by a mother/father. 

Stars & Stripes Scholarshi- For those with roots planted in far away lads, this scholarship salutes your family’s journey to the stars and stripes of the U.S. of A. This scholarship will be awarded to a student that comes from a family in which one or both parents are not from the United States. 

Trade It All Scholarship  - Four-year degree? Nah, not for everyone. Trades are the new trailblazer paths, and we're here for it. Grab this scholarship and build your empire. Not everyone wants to pursue a four year degree and we recognize that. Trade schools of all sorts are on this rise. This scholarship will be awarded to students pursuing a non-four year college path. 

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Funding Priorities and Strategies

There are many ways to give.  Be a part of the movement and help us make a difference in the lives of those in need.

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