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Join the Violet Movement! Contribute through our transformational Scholarship options, Kindness Campaigns, Events, and Awareness Initiatives. 

About Violet

Violet Françoise Andrews is named after the saints that are now watching over our angel. Scott’s maternal grandmother Violet Heatley was a larger than life figure that was always there for him. Françoise Doucet-Pandoli is Danielle’s amazing mother that taught her the values of patience, loyalty and how to love. This was the genesis of her beautiful name Violet Françoise.


Our little Violet had been perfectly healthy, through an ideal pregnancy. However while on night 2 of induction at the hospital, late on January 6th, Danielle required an emergency C-section...

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Our Mission

The Mission of The Violet Movement is to honor the life of Violet Francoise Andrews. While her life was brief, it significantly impacted the lives of so many.

Our Initiatives

The Violet Movement will offer several different scholarship options for students based off of passions and elements that pay homage to our family's past. Violet’s legacy will live on through the accomplishments of these students.


What We Offer

We put love and kindness in to all of our scholarships, events, and awareness



Become a sponsor and make a meaningful impact by supporting The Violet Movement's scholarships and empowering students to achieve their dreams. Contact us to discuss sponsorship opportunities and benefits.

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